Saturday, January 21, 2017

Glorious Hexagons

I am behind in showing off my Glorious Hexagons, Yes I keep working on them.  This has been a sew a long on the internet, but I just did the blocks I wanted to do when I wanted to do them. I by no means kept up and maybe I have done 1/4 of the number of blocks. 

#13 Judy,  love doing this block as it stats out just like the grandmother's flower garden and then to get it back to 6 sides you add the little diamonds on the out edge. 

#11 Susan, great block to show of the 6 repeats. 

#35 Sharon, Love this star block.

#9 Doris, love how it is growing from the center. 


  1. Every single hexie you do is fussy cut to the "Nth" degree. I don't even have that ability to visualize taking those pieces of the flower and putting them like that! Maybe, with time....

  2. ooh yes. these are mightily delicious!