Monday, January 30, 2017

Design Wall Monday

I am playing around with some simple squares. I kind of dislike grey, I struggle to use it. So I guess I am forcing myself to use it and added in fabrics I like. Pink and black polka dots. I have this on my wall but have not sewn it together yet. 

I got distracted Sunday and worked on my scraps. I really want to make some Slab blocks with Canadian fabric in them. The Canadian Quilters Association is having the Canada's Big Quilting Bee. They are asking us to make Slab blocks from Sunday Morning Quilts. The slab block finishes up to 12 1/2" square. Each of our blocks are to have some Canadian fabric.  I think I will plan to make enough blocks to make a whole quilt top. Maybe even some extra blocks too. 

I am sorting my boxes of scraps. They have not been sorted for a while and they are kind of a mess. So Sunday I got my 7 Red blocks done and did a bit of sorting out the unsorted scraps, got them in the colour box at least. I think I will sort each colour as I make some slab blocks. 

I have added this post to Design Wall Monday and I have added it to Sew Fresh Quilt Bee were they are making more Slab blocks. 


  1. Your slab blocks are looking great! I need to make some too. I need to buy some Canada fabric first. Your gray and pink quilt top is super cute too.

  2. I made four blocks tonight and hope to make some more soon. Your scraps look so neat and tidy...

  3. The Canadian Quilt Bee is for such a worthwhile cause and so much fun! Your design wall looks fabulous. I am so glad to have you join the hive. Thanks for linking up, Cathy!

  4. Love your slabs!!! So many fabulous quilts to see on your blog!