Sunday, January 17, 2021

2021 Temperature Quilt

 Block 1 of my Temperature Quilt for 2021, just made, hot off the pressing mat.  I have been planning this for almost 2 weeks now, changing my mind and changing the fabrics.  I have all my fabric picked and a plan with the flying geese blocks.  These blocks will measure 5 by 2 1/2" when finished in the quilt. So 5 1/2" by 3" unfinished. I will plan to point the goose up with no rain and down with rain or snow. So far Jan 13 is the only day this year with a touch of snow. 

I got a real nice section of 12 batik fabrics from my mom for Christmas. So I used many of the fabrics. The Jan 1st block has two of the fabrics. 

I then dug out my batik prints and had so much fun picking them out. I have a 1/2 meter of each fabric and some I have a full meter. I hope it will be enough. The real dark purples are to extra cold temperatures, down to -40, we might see a few of those nights. Each fabric is 3 C. The almost white/blue print next to green is my -1C to -3C. and I wanted it to be frosty like. 

The greens are the temperatures where we will be seeing some green in the world, at least if the night is above that. These bottom hot pink fabrics might not even get used. There is not many days we are over 30C around here. So maybe we will see a few pinks in the middle of the quilt. 


  1. Very cool quilt idea! I love all your batiks- they are definitely my favorite fabrics. I am working on a 365 block quilt by Kathryn Kerr. I started last January and am about half way done ( June 17th) Life sometimes gets in the way of the project but it is an interesting challenge too. It is definitely helping me improve my precision piecing skills! I will look forward to seeing how your temperature quilt progresses. Regards, A

  2. Me too! As for Alberta, I've always said if you don't like the weather, wait a minute! Your quilt will be colorful!