Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Christmas Re-cap

My mom, Betty, made this quit top and I machine quilted it. We then gave it to a special young lady who has been with hanging out with our family. 

I made up double sets of pillow cases. Good thing, one son washed an older one Monday and it wore out with holes. The white and teal set went with the quilt. 

My brother and his wife got a set of hand knitted mittens from me. I had done mittens for my brother about 23 years ago. He has had others but was asking for hand knitted mittens again. My Grandmother on my dad's side always did mittens for us kids. She also taught me how to knit just some real basic stuff, case on and off and knit and pearl. She has been gone for over 30 years now.  

Succulent Tree. I saw a post on Face book with a few photos showing how to put a tree together. I have tons of these one crazy succulents.  They always get so long necked so I am forever trimming them and replanting them. I have learned it is a lack of light but I still have not plugged in a grow light.  Well I cut them off and used them. The tree is a chicken wire cone stuffed with moss and then add all the plants. I mist it down every few days. I will soon plant them. I have checked on a few and many are growing roots and will be ready to put in dirt. 


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