Thursday, January 7, 2021

Quilt Journal


I have been very aimless this past year with my personal sewing. Like so many of you, I sewed masks for months. I bought fabric and cut and sewed so many masks. I have no idea how many but a few hundred for sure. But I do not want to talk about Masks today. 

How can I get back to my personal sewing. Well keeping track, having goals and writing down my ideas. It has been January 2017 since I wrote out a list in one of my journals. I had moved to a on line tracking. But it is not working for me. I might keep the on line list to help track what I finished because the photos can stay there. But I need paper and pen. I need the little sketches that I do not get with a computer. My computer was also not in my sewing room the past 2 years. So how was I to keep track. 

So I started this week. I had new book and started the lists. Got out my coloured pens. I printed off a table I wanted, glued it in. I already have a few pages full. Maybe I will also print of more photos this year too, I have a colour printer working now. So between my journal and and my blog I hope to get some quilting done. 

I also think I will an to do more with the Scrappy Rainbow Challenge. I have so many blocks done and many things in parts. Also I need to make a few baby quits and I want them rainbow. So I will do a post about some rainbow blocks on Saturdays again. 

Also planning a temperature quit for the year. I show more later. It will be my first one. Not sure yet what I am doing. My mom is also thinking of doing one too. 


  1. I think that a scrappy rainbow sounds like a great plan! This month is pink, so it is a perfect opportunity to start a baby quilt.

  2. I am also a journaler--but strangely I've never kept a quilt listing...that is a super idea--I do sprinkle my ideas for quilts throughout my jottings though...but not in any organized form...
    Hugs, Julierose