Sunday, January 10, 2021

Pink Scrappy


Planning to join in on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021. It has been a few year since I played along. To start with I made the Sister's Choice block that Anglia also made last week. 

If you want more ideas for your scraps You should check out the links to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021. There are so many more links to see and so many great ideas.  

I had many of the units cut and ready to go so they went together for me very quickly. I might make one more before the month is done. 
This Month the Colour is Pink. I have many pink scraps and my box is well sorted. 

Also this week I built pink pinwheel blocks. They will finish up as 4". I am in need of a finished baby quilt by March, a gift for a friend. 

All the Pink I did this week.

 I am kind of a day behind, but yesterday I zoomed with some of my local quilt friends. It also got my mom to join us for a bit. Next week I will try to be on Saturday and not Sunday. 

I will need more pinwheel blocks before the end of Feb so I went ahead and made Red, Green and Purple pin wheels to add to the pink ones. I know I am not following just so for the rainbow challenge but I need more done soon. This should be around half the blocks done. I have not thought what size and I am ok with extras, I might make 2 quilts. 

So The other pink in my house this week is this Pink Amaryllis. I had a bright red one for Christmas but started this one two weeks later. I have a 3rd bulb that is at least another 2 weeks behind, so maybe by the end of the month I will have another one. I hope to keep the plant growing for the 8 months then hope I can get it to bloom again next year.  


  1. Your sisters choice blocks look great! So many pretty pinwheel too. Off to a strong start for the new year.

  2. Welcome back! Beautiful pinwheels in ALL the colors. Good luck with the amaryllis plants. Great idea to stagger them out so you have flowers for a longer time. You started with a red one, followed by a pink. Wonder what the next color will be ...