Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Grassy Creek

I have been doing Bonnie Hunter's Mystery quilt for many years now. I love doing the fall mystery that finishes up around the new year. I have more of them undone then mysteries finished. A few are quilt tops, and many are blocks done but need to sew more. 

Well I did ok but I still have so much to do yet. Top photo is steps 1 and 2 done and a part of step 4 on the far left. I liked all the colours but the grey. I just could not see doing a quilt with 3 yds of grey, so I changed the grey to Purple. 

Steps 3 and 4 I only have a few done. So this step tripped me up. I need to read better. I am redoing many of them and got to know my seam ripper very well on these steps. 

I so far have not done step 5 but love the strings in step 6. So I have part 6 well on the way. So much purple. But better then grey. 

I have many sewn and a good stack that need the iron. I did not use the paper. Now there has been the big reveal on Bonnie's site, but I am sure it will take me to the end of the month before I am sewing blocks together. 

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  1. Mine are still in pieces too. I like the purple you subbed in for the gray!