Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Barn Block

On the weekend, Sunday, the Edmonton and District Quilter's Guild had a workshop on painting barn blocks. It was so much fun. The ladies that ran it did a great job!
 I did an eight point star. We used outdoor house paint. 

There were great pages to show us how to lay out our blocks on the 2 foot plywood boards. This one is for the 8 point star. 

I have used my good frog tape to mask the area for the red paint. There is one extra bit of tape. 

My red paint and the white but it does not show with the base paint. I did do a bit of touch up at the end. Not much as my frog tape was good. 

I am not sure were in the yard I will put this block. It is meant to hang on your barn. My hubby says no way. I would like a larger one for the real barn, then it could be seen from the hwy. I might put it on the horse fence or maybe in the corral on the horse shed. But my horses could nose muck it then. Later this spring/summer I will get it hung up. 

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