Saturday, March 3, 2018

Spring Green

Spring is in the air, NOT here. We got a dump of the white stuff today. You know up to your knees stay inside, shovel every few hours or lose track of the the drive way. 
So I got to stay in and sew all day. 
I got a few strips and squares sewn in to green patchwork. My plan it to make at least a bag, maybe a book cover. I have not really thought about what size I need for sure. 

Also I got a ton of sorting and trimming down some lime green scraps. 2" sq, 2.5", sq 3" sq, then strips that are 1 1/2", 2", 2.5", and 3" strips. There is also the larger chunks and a pile of the dark green that was in the wrong box.  I will be more ready to make my sampler blocks this week and the few others blocks. 

I finished up some of the purple still this week. I had lots of triangles left, so I made pinwheels. I also make a patchwork of purple for a book cover. 

I have been thinking of doing a string quilt for sometime. Well I got a good start on some blocks. I prepared my papers 8" sq phone book pages. I still have 6 or 7 phone books hidden away for paper. I am using then a 1" strip of white kona down the middle. Each side of the the blocks will have a different colour. So far I have 12 purple halves done. I think I will get out graph paper and colour in a plan. Then I will know how many blocks and what colours to do. 

I got this patchwork quilted later today. Just before supper. 

Close up of some quilting. 

I have a quilt going to the National Juried Show! I got happy mail this week. I have keep this little quilt off the blog and I will show you after the show opens near the end of May. I might know a judge or 2 and I do not want them to know what quilt is mine. So it is still off the internet. 
No, you have not seen it. 
I am going to make you wait. 


  1. Great start to GREEN month and a pretty finish on PURPLE month. Best of luck at the Quilt Show!!

  2. Waiting is not my strong suit. A78mandel at yahoo dot com

  3. Congrats on being juried in to the quilt show! That’s a real honor. And your purple string blocks will look awesome with the central white stripe! I want to do another one like that sometime to get the lattice effect. Your greens are gorgeous!

  4. Great start on the string blocks. Graph paper and colored pencils is my favorie design method too.

  5. Love your greens and purples!! Hopefully the green will make the white better for you ;-) Congrats on the quilt show!!

  6. Congrats on your NJS acceptance!

    As for your post...great minds think alike! ;-) I've also been sewing through the snowy days...and string piecing -- with purple (and other colours). Looking forward to seeing how your project turns out!

  7. Beautiful greens for a great start, Cathy! I love string quilts and I am sure yours will be gorgeous with the white strip in the middle.

  8. Oh, I love looking at different fabrics and I got quite an eyeful here! Wonderful color and scrappy goodness! And congrats on getting your quilt into a Juried Quilt Show. That's pretty impressive.

  9. Congrats on getting the quilt in. Wishing you and the quilt good luck! Pretty greens and purples. A nice color compared to that white snow.

  10. What a lot you accomplished with your purple and sori g out your greens. Like the idea of the string quilt with half sides of purples. I'm looking forward to seeing what colours you choose for the other halves. Green for one, I'm sure.