Monday, March 26, 2018

Design Wall Monday

My Design Wall has been busy this weekend. I played around with nine patches and some Tim Holtz fabric, this was the final layout. I have started to make another new jacket for myself. I love the dark blue fabric and thought this all would look so good with Denim. 

I took apart a few old pairs of jeans. I also gave the leg parts an extra wash. Some legs looked like they were not real clean and they did come out cleaner. 

I took the belt waist area off 2 pairs for an idea. We will see if I like the waist used or not. 

So I got both side of the front of the jacket together and then did the machine quilting. 

This is the patch work I started with. I ended up making the nine patches the other way. So 5 dark units with 4 in the corner. So I had a bit of resewing to do. I am happy with the end way. 

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  1. Nice colors and prints in your patchwork. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out with the jeans.

  2. Making a jacket, what a great idea. It always amazes me to see what others are posting on Design Wall Mondays - thanks for linking up, Judy