Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring Jacket

One week to get my new Spring jean jacket done. I love how the Tim Holtz fabrics went with denim. I really liked the Blue Tailor fabric as it is so close to denim. 

Look what I did for a hem, I used the waist of the old jeans. I was able to match up the button and button whole. Love how the belt loops come up and attach to the patchwork. It was so worth it to use old jeans. 

I finished the jacket off with old Brass buttons. The top one is a horse head button I got in Huston in 1999. The others are all a little different. 

Picking out buttons for the jacket was a big deal. I got out many different buttons, here is my black and white glass buttons. I did not like the all black ones, too dark. Also white was not great either. 

I got laying out the different styles on the front. I was starting to think the blue grey shell ones where a winner. How ever.

The brass one won out. Sorry kind of a dark photos, the sunlight was fading. 


For the back of the jacket, I used 2 legs of old Levi jeans. The sleeves were cut from one leg of a second pair of jeans. The old recycled jean fabric is so soft.  See how the waist runs around to the back of the jacket too. 

The lining of the front part is a indigo shibori dyed fabric I made some years ago. I like to put a surprise inside my jackets. 

Now if it would warm up for spring I could wear my Jacket. 


  1. Your jacket is beautiful! Very ingenious.

  2. This is AMAZING! Patchwork + repurposed jeans = LOVE!

  3. fantastic Cathy! Love every special detail, your work is exemplary.

  4. Your Shibori Surprise jacket is a FABULOUS use of recycled/upcycled denim!! I've got a quilt in the works, but never thought to combine patchwork and denim for a jacket. Brilliant!!

  5. What a fabulous project, and you're right. Using the waistband and the loops was a stroke of genius! How fun to wear that will be!

  6. Cathy! That is so awesome. I would love to make something like that. Do you have a tutorial or a pattern you could recommend?

  7. What a cool jacket! I do love a good jeans jacket, and the details on yours are really neat. So brilliant using the waistband for the bottom hem!