Saturday, March 31, 2018

Lime Green Easter Weekend

I got a little more lime scraps sewn up. I finished my small set of 7 1/2" sampler blocks. I have them here with the purple ones from February.  

I got a few Migrating geese done. 
The real Canadian geese have returned this week to our land of cold and snow. They are having a hard time finding food, all the fields are snow covered. 

So this week's blocks on the wall together. At the end of the month I like to show a nice full wall of all my rainbow sewing. This month I still want to do a bit more so maybe next Saturday I will show all the lime together. I still have some string blocks I want to do and the larger sampler blocks too. 

Here are the purse and book cover panels wanting to get finished up. 

I have linked up with Socrappy  for more Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2018


  1. Such fun blocks! I love the lime green blocks. They look great with the purple, too.

  2. Oh I love them all! Love the Lime green - its so cheery!

  3. Very pretty Squared Away blocks, and Geese Migration blocks, too! I would live to make that pattern myself.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with those lovely purse panels!!

  5. these are all fantastic Cathy, you always do such full saturated colour project. Quilt On my friend!