Saturday, March 17, 2018

Lime Green for Spring

2 weeks ago I had made this green background. I worked on making Hexagon flowers to go on it and got them appliqued in place. The plan is to make a bag. In this photo, they are only pinned in place. 

I have been unable to make a blog post for a while. My computer broke. I have gotten a new one. I think I finally have all that I need now to do my normal computer work. I did not have email. I had my phone and could go to facebook but I do not use it to do web stuff as I have a laptop. What a pain.

Friday after working, I got the machine quilting done. I did tiny leaves all over the green and also quilted the flowers in matching thread. 

Here are all 3 pieces. The top 2 for the bag and the large bottom one for a book cover. I still have the finishing to do still. But my new fabric is ready for the projects. 

I trimmed up my 2 piles of triangles. I need them for my sampler blocks. 

Here is a tray of more cut units for blocks I have planned. 

I got 1 sampler blocks done today. It is the smaller 7 1/2" blocks. I still plan to make more 7 1/2" and 3 in the 10" size. My units are done and ready to sew. 


  1. I love that sampler block made up totally scrappy! Your hexie flowers look great on the green strippy backgrounds.

  2. Love your green background...the perfect foundation for those flowers.

  3. Lots of lovely GREEN pieces and parts!! Sorry your computer died. NO fun!! It's good that you were able to replace it and return to BlogLand. Welcome back!

  4. Your bag is going to be spectacular!

  5. Super slabs of green transformed into gardens of flowers. Lovely. They will make a great bag and book cover. Look forward to seeing them. Love the Sampler block.