Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals and UFO lists

Great fabric from Hawaii. I need to make a quilt with this fabric. One goal for 2012. Start Hawaii quilt. Maybe finish it in 2012.

I have been thinking on the subject of UFO lists for days now. I now dislike making a list of UFO's and forcing myself to finish the list. Or feeling guilty because I did not do enough from my UFO list. I already make "to do list" for long arm quilting for my customers and when it is time to work on my projects, I need to do what I feel like working on. I have spent years working on class samples and then years getting art quilts ready for art galleries and shows. I have finished quilts for show deadlines only to not use it because it is travelling for the next two years. I was getting burned out. I have rediscovered the fun in sewing for myself this past year and some of that fun is working on what I want to work on, not a deadline. I will make some deadlines for myself but no guilt if I do not get it done. No hard deadlines and no guilt for my lists. Fun Fun Fun and a handful of colour is the plan. 

I will make a UFO list and a list of New Projects. I may or may not finish some. I have no goals to finish them all but to just work on my list of old and new quilts. I know I will be happy to sew and get some done. I will plan to revisit my list and update it a few times a year.

New Projects
- Plaid quilt for Son #2 (we just talked last week about what he would like)
- Hawaii Quilt (because the fabric is fun) 
- Bonnie Hunter's Mystery from 2010 RRCB - I love this quilt, might need one
- Pamela Allen Class Project - Class is in April signed up and paid
- 2nd Scrap quilt (start with scraps from Bad to the Bone)
- maybe 3rd scrap quilt 
- 2 Fabric Christmas Trees
- Tin box exchange with the Leduc Quilt Guild 
- Brightly coloured Fabric book
- Maybe another Mystery From Guild or Bonnie Hunter if she does another one next Nov.
- A felted project or two - Santa gave me an embellisher 
- Gift for Edmonton Guild Endowment Fund Raiser - not sure what yet
I am sure to add to this list.

UFO's to work on- I plan to work on some but not finish all. This is not a list of all my UFO's, Just some I plan to work on.
- Orca Bay Mystery from Bonnie Hunter - finish piecing top, quilt, backing, bind
- Dog's Food Quilt - Binding only left ( got the quilting done yesterday)
- Bad to the Bone - Quilt, bind
-  Log Cabin Plaid Quilt - backing fix the hole, quilt, bind
- Star Struck in Lime - Backing, quilt, bind ( got top done on New Years Eve last night)
- Spider Web Quilt - Piece blocks together, backing, quilt, bind
- Rainbow Scrap Quilt - more Blocks, and much more, not sure how big to go.
- House wall quilt - finish top, quilt, bind
- Flower prints 16 and 4 patch blocks - make a plan and build a top
- Old UFO class project thing - dig it out, work on quilt top - rename this
- Green Chevron - more piecing
- Whole Cloth quilt from Karen McTavish class - Thick batt with wash away, cutting away batt, quilt, bind
- Susan Shie class wall quilt - quilt, bind ( there are two of these) 
- Felted fabric under water scene - what to do next ?
- Felted scarf -  more design work, and Where is it?
- Gift for Laural - appliqué block, Need to find it first.
- Leaves hand appliquéd on Snow Dyed fabric (Should get a photo and show you)
- Baltimore Hand Appliqué - more blocks, start another block

I have blocks for two samplers sitting in boxes, a sampler that needs quilting, another large top that needs boarders and quilting, many unfinished class projects, an advent calendar, the list is too long. I am afraid to list every single UFO, as I know I will not finish them all. This sounding like guilt talking, stop it. 

Goal for 2012 - I plan to work on some of the projects on my lists. I know I will finish many but not all of the quilts and sewing projects. Have fun sewing, no guilt. 


  1. Great philosophy - quilting IS supposed to be fun!

  2. Hmmm...I was thinking, "Phew! Her lists are longer than mine." Then I remembered: my lists don't include stuff that I carry around at the back of my mind, stuff that I know exists and that I (might) just want to do this year...! :-)

    Have a great one!