Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Night Sew In

Handmade by Heidi  Tonight is a Friday Night Sew- In over at Crafty Vegas Mom

I plan to work in my Red Scraps some more. When will it end. I am going to try and finish the Red and Pink Heart quilt top. 

I have been thinking of other ideas I could use my scraps for. If you happen to stumble by and have a good idea you did let me know. I am on the look out.

I have even been lurking on Pinterest but have not joined or made any pins yet. I like to know who made what and that pinning photos and not know were they come from bugs me. I may have to get more of my best photos watermarked just so if they end up there, other will know it was me. 


  1. Cathy, you might pop over to Pleasant Home. I found this to be a particularly fresh and pretty project, and am busy assembling 'twosies' for it:

  2. Yup. I haven't jumped on the pinterest bandwagon yet either, but I love the idea of watermarking my do we do that? I'm currently technologically retarded.