Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Scrappy Saturday Red #4 Go Greek

I came across the Greek Cross Block.  I am not sure I really like this block enough to make a whole quilt. The red cross is almost to large a block of one colour for me. I started with my 4 1/2" crumb blocks and  made all units 4 1/2" square, so in a nine patch it will finish to 12". What I did like was I was using the scraps to make up the colour part of the units.  The white is Kona cotton, not very scrappy but it is stash.

Today's post is apart of Happy Scrappy Saturdays over at SoScrappy. Go check out what the others are doing with their Red scraps. Next month we get a new colour. I am ready to work with a new colour. hint hint.

After getting the units done, I played with them, and got this round shape. I am not sure if this is a named block or not. There is a churn dash like feel to this block. If I make these blocks and sew the blocks together with no sashing it will give me the round colours all around. No other shapes. The colours will butt up to each other. It might be nice. I did think I could change the centre colour, maybe Green in the Red. Another idea is to use white sashing but have a star in the cornerstone to the sashing. Again more colour hear and there.

I am not sure which one I should do. I did think I could just make the 4" units and think over it for sometime. I have not sewn these block together yet just laying them out. I plan to make many blocks with a rainbow of colour. I like to work on the design wall and make up my mind there. I will need more units in different colours before I decide for sure.

Back to the Greek Cross and I did like the idea that the corners could be all different colours. This way when the blocks are butted up together there is a diamond made with four colours.   It will make the colour move around the quilt more.

So I have four Red crumb blocks and enough other Red units together to complete four 12" blocks. I also did a few other colour units so I could lay out the last photo. It was fun to work on another colour after a month of Red (and Pink on the heart quilt).

What block do you like the best?


  1. I like the one with the solid red cross better. I really like the contrasting corners and agree it will add lots of movement to the quilt with the added color diamonds. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

  2. That will be great fun to play with all the variations over the year!

  3. I love the cross blocks! I've never seen them all scrappy-pieced. Very pretty and much more interesting!

  4. Love the way you made all your quilt bits from crumb fabric. Such a great way to use up ALL the extras. I really like the circle block and can just picture it with one block in each color. What a fun quilt that would be! As to a hint for next month's color, I've posted it on my blog, but you might have to search a bit........

  5. Greek must be popular this month. According the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns (Barbara Brackman, 1993), the block with the light rectanglse next to the dark center (your 2nd block) is variously called Grecian Designs, Grecian Square, Grecian, or Greek Square. I like your Greek Cross fabrics together. I decided to use the Greek Square because my reds didn't play together as nicely as yours. I look forward to seeing how your blocks go together.

  6. Both blocks look great! I really like that you used crumbs to make up all of the units - fantastic!

  7. Such pretty blocks, I like them either way!

  8. Fun ideas! Lots of scraps used. Neat!