Friday, January 27, 2012

Dog Quilt Done

My dog Lex is so good he needed his own quilt. While I just wanted him off my quilt as he is very good at taking more and more for himself. He sleeps at my feet in the evening and was taking my quilt at every chance he got. Now his quilt is done and he loves it. I worried he may still want my quilt and not take his new on but he loves his quilt.

I love the food fabric. Lex likes all this food. Beer, hot-dogs, cupcakes, ice-cream, doughnuts, and hamburgers.  I should have used pizza too. He was a very bad dog one day and eat the family supper - our home made pizza.

Over the Christmas break I did some of my own quilting. You know, the long arm business person never has time to do her own quilts. I wanted to practice some different stitches and I hate to waste time or good stitching so the dog quilt was a practice quilt. One rule was I was not to rip out any stitches, it all stays in good bad and the ugly. Well I did not have many ugly or bad, mostly good.

When I showed it at guild (and still had the binding to hand stitch) Many guild members liked the quilt and wanted to be my dog. They thought it was far to good for the dog.

Here is the back. it shows the quilting the best.

I used disappearing nine patch. Can you see I have some blocks in the wrong place. I put it together at retreat and got some blocks mixed up. Oh well it is just the dog quilt.


  1. That is too cute! I love the beer and hamburgers for the dog.

  2. Too your dog is totally content now! I bought cat and pawprint fabric to make our dog her own quilt...she's scared of them in real life which is funny since she's 60 lbs of pure muscle. Happy quilting!

  3. LOL! What a great quilt with fun fabrics. Lex looks very happy on his quilt.

  4. Love that you made your dog a quilt. My dog would LOVE that! Her very own blanket. She's always trying to sneak the ones we use off the couch. Now if they could just make indestructable fabric. :)