Friday, March 23, 2012

Binder Cover Finished

I was in need of a quilted cover for a binder. I thought I would use some of my bleach resist fabrics. The patch work has used two of the different blacks. The Sunshine cotton is the dark grey fabric. I think the brown was some black from Fabricland or is Kona cotton. I did some free cutting and put the fabric back together.

The Front Cover Done

Sorry about the side ways again. This is the inside with the binder in place. I have a pocket on the inside of the front cover to put a disk. I bust my brain every time I make one of these. I always have to think so hard about how the final sewing goes so that I get the inner flaps correct. This time it was important that the pocket was upright. Because the photo is sideways you do not know I got just right and on the first time.

Close up of the quilting. I even quilt these little projects on the long arm. I just pinned the backing fabric on and based down the outer edges and quilt. I have used a brown varriegated  from Wounderfil thread, one of my favourites.  It is Friday and it is done. I have added this to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday.


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  2. great project Cathy.
    BTW...when will you be ready to show Orca Bay?