Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pretty in Pink - Scrappy Saturday #2

It is the Second Saturday in March and I think spring maybe on the way. The snow we got earlier in the week is melting quickly and we saw Canadian Geese returning today. I got a second pink block done for the first rainbow quilt I started. Check out the other pink scrap projects in the works over at Soscrappy.

In case you were wondering I have been inspired to do this quilt because of This Quilt. I love the sashing and I am planning some thing like it. I just changed the inside of my blocks to use up the smaller scraps better.

Here are all the pinks together so far. I did the log cabin one on the left back in Dec when the colours were Red and green ( I did Pink and Lime first). The little 6 inch block on the bottom is a reject. I did not like the scale it was to large, so I made smaller pin wheels this week. The reject block will be boxed with the others, then if I need another block I will have a good start on one. Or piece into the backing.

I plan to make Brownies for desert and then I get to go sew some more.


  1. Mmmmm brownies. Too bad we have cupcakes already made for desert! Love the pink blocks and your quilt will be stunning just like the one it is based on.

  2. Love the super-scrappiness of your blocks!

  3. These blocks are so yummy! errr the brownies sound yummy too :)

  4. Great looking pinks. Hope the brownies were good.

  5. I love the pink blocks- pink is my favorite color though I am a big fan of most other colors except orange. I use orange fairly sparingly in my quilts and don't have too much of it in my stash.
    You do create interesting blocks- The blue four block is wonderful too.

  6. Sitting here writing this while munching on a piece of chocolate cake my son made, otherwise I'd be drooling over the thought of brownies - liking your pink block and the inspiration link.

  7. What great pink blocks! It's good to know I'm not the only one with a "reject" box!