Friday, March 16, 2012

Lost it

I have very sad news. I have lost my new Turquoise felt scarf. I think I lost it in the Leduc Walmart parking lot on  March 9th. I have looked around the house and car. I went back to Walmart on Monday but no it is not there. It is gone. If you live near Leduc and see it let me know.

I just got home from my Friday Surface Design Group. We had four of us today and we did wool felted hats. I will post photos soon.

I have a give a way for 250 post from Monday. I will be closing that Tomorrow when I get up. Give a way here if you have not already entered.


  1. Oh Cathy, that is awful- so sorry to hear of it being lost- I hope that it shows up for you-

  2. How sad that you lost your scarf - it is so pretty! Hopefully, it finds it's way back to you.

  3. O, Cathy! It's been a week...somebody has likely given it a new home. Mixed blessing. Looking forward to the hats! (Or perhaps you could do another scarf instead?)