Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Scrappy Saturday Pink #1

It is March already and a new colour has been set out for us in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at SoScrappy, it is Pink. I still had to do some Green in the last few days of Feb. It may have been Monday night when I was looking to see if she had posted the new colour as I wanted to do some scrap sewing. Nope, so I did Green log cabins and it was OK as it was still Feb.

I have made these blocks mostly with a little triangle in the centre and a I start adding logs. I use some of my smaller strips first in the first two rounds. I have also added a bit of an angle to the blocks too. I am not sure I am going the same direction or if I start with light or end in light. The blocks are coming out a bit different size but I can always add or trim them down.

So Pink is our colour for March. I used so much pink in my Orca Bay last Dec and then in Jan I did the Heart Quilt and More Here about it. I do not have all that many pinks left in the scrap box. I think I can still get a few more log cabins and some for my other rainbow quilts. If we were counting I have three rainbow quilts on the go now. I was only planning two but I have gotten carried away.

I got one Red block done too (but I think it is my smallest block so far). I am really not sure how these will go together. I do know, I do not want sashing. I want these to blend together. Maybe rows or maybe these crazy circles I have started here today. I love playing on the design wall so we will just have to keep playing and see where it will take this quilt. Not having a solid plan is good fun. Just trust in myself it will work out.


  1. You made me laugh about the getting carried away - it is so darn easy!! Your blocks look great and I like the idea of them all blending together - just like a rainbow.

  2. Love the idea of using triangles in the beginning of log cabins. Your blocks look wonderful.

  3. Great idea to use the triangles as the starting point for your log cabins. They are looking great. You'll have a beautiful colorful quilt at the end of the year.

  4. your energy and talent know few bounds. I too love those triange starting idea which may find it's way into my way of starting my next log cabin. You continue to inspire.