Monday, February 1, 2021

Farm Girl Vintage


So a few years ago I started making some blocks from Farm Girl Vintage. The book as being raffled off and I did not win the book, my friend Nadine won the book. But I bought my own copy and made a few 6" block. While Nadine and Pam, another friend, and I have decided we want to work on blocks together. So this fall we got started. I had some blocks done already, like the cherries, strawberries and the kettle. So we have been chatting with each other as we work on blocks and send out many text messages. I wish we could sew together, in person. 

Nadine uses her dice to roll for which block we are doing next. This is kind of fun, except I am now behind. Nadine uses her multi sided dice. Last Fall I got the cute house block done. I love that I was able to get the two black labs in the windows. My dogs are Dolly and Gemma, both black labs. 

Also this fall I got this cowgirl boot done. I had a pair of blue boots for dancing when I was at University. All the dances where western style, so boots were good. 

So I have a list of 20 blocks to do and only 13 blocks on the list done. I guess I have a few to do to get caught up. 

The books. Nadine and Pam were so sweet and got me the copy of book 2. I guess as a more experienced quilter they felt they wanted to show me how much I have helped them. So sweet and thank you ladies. We might also have another friend join us, not sure if she bought the books yet or not. 

We will see if I can get a few blocks done again. I will post when I do get more done. 

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  1. I love your house with the doggies in the windows--so cute--and that boot is such a great memory for you!! What a fun way to make this one your own...nice work on your blocks...Hugs, julierose