Saturday, February 6, 2021

Yellow Scrap Saturday


Sister's Choice blocks were the first to do on my yellow list of blocks. Some of the yellow triangles get kind of lost but maybe that makes the blocks sparkle more. 

Then the next big one of the list was Yellow Pinwheels. I want to have a baby quilt done soon so I needed these. 

I kept going and made more pinwheels, this time in Orange, Turquoise and Blue. So many Pinwheels. 

Next was to lay out my blocks. I have this up on the wall ready to sew together. I am hosting a zoom sew day for the Edmonton and District Quilter's Guild today. I still get so sew.  Getting this top sewn together is my goal for the day. Then I will move on to more yellow. 

Last Saturday I was still not done all my pink. I have been looking though all my blocks and seeing if I have some colours missing, or just need a few more blocks to lay out a top. I needed these 16 patch blocks in Pink, So I got 9 blocks done. 

Then while I still had some pink on the wall, I added the last few blocks. Here is my final wall of Pink for January 2021. I also did 2 more sister choice blocks. I have no idea how many blocks I need to a sister's choice quilt. 

Nadine's Blocks 

My good friend, Nadine, has plans to follow along with us at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year. She has asked me to post her blocks on my blog for her. This past month she got two pink blocks done. One is Broken dishes, she chose this block because she has broken a few mugs and glasses this month.  I am so happy to have her join me in the adventure of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021. 

I will get this post linked up with Soscrappy. Check out what else everyone is working on. 


  1. Your posts are so enjoyable. Getting those scraps into pretty quilts is so much fun. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. Oh, your pinwheel baby quilt is wonderful! As is your wall of pink!

  3. My goodness you have been busy! Love the pin wheels.

  4. Welcome to your friend, Nadine. So fun for you to have a quilting pal. Lots of pretty blocks.

    Your pinwheels look amazing all together. Do you press your seams on the pinwheels open or to the dark side?

  5. Love those pinwheels. So much happy color this week! Glad you got those last pink blocks done.

  6. That Pinwheel quilt is going to be adorable. You certainly used up a lot of YELLOW scraps this week!!

  7. Love your colourful pinwheels, dont they sparkle when all the colours are mixed up!