Wednesday, February 10, 2021

WIP Grassy Creek

Wednesday in Progress, WIP, This is where I am at with the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. I am just starting step 5 and these little 9 patches. They are cute. I love how my greens and oranges are looking together. I still have the other units to cut for step 5, I only started step 5 on Sunday this week. Yes I am behind, many have their tops done. Slowly I go. 

Step 1 is the Yellow triangles, and it was to be grey but my grey is now purple, they are all done and counted. My step 6 all the purple strings is getting closer to be done. I have been kind of using them as leaders and enders, go get the small triangle on the string units. I do not have to thing about it too much. 

Oh these steps, 3 and 4. These steps are hard. This is where I am slow. I have lots to still do here. I had to do some redoing. I now have 8 sets that are nice. but I am a long ways yet. 

I will have to do some more work on this. Might get a little more done this week on it. 



  1. Slowly is still forward. Love your colours. The grey sashing in the original is not my cup of tea. Looking forward to see yours with the purple sashing. It should be nicer, much nicer. ;^)

  2. Steadily onward, Cathy! :-) I've been plugging away at this bit by bit and have managed to get to Step 6 (I finished one step before even thinking of another). I'm making about 2/3 the only 40 Step 6 units, but that's still a lot of "wings" to attach and I've only just begun those! Love your purples!