Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Pair #4, I got this pair of socks done in record time. I think it was just under 2 weeks. But it was also the coldest of the year the past two weeks. So it is really a statement about how much TV I watched in those two weeks. I am very happy with this pair. 

So my last 3 pairs of socks all lined up. I have not worn any of them yet. I will soon. But this is the 3rd pairs I started and finished since the new year. 2 months and 3 pairs of socks done. I finished a pair at the beginning of Jan and they are not here, but I started them in Dec. 

I am wearing my socks everyday, the store bought ones just do not do it for me these days. I am wearing them out. Every time I wash them I find a few pairs that needs repair. If I really rip open the toe I re knit the toes. I think my mom did this pair for me and I do not have any left over yarn. So new yarn had to be used. I got this hot pink for repairs. One done one left to do. 

This is the next new pair started. The yarn is so pretty, made based on a the colours of Claude Monet. It is knitting up very nicely. I guess we will see how long they will take me to do. I think it was Sunday night when I case on the stitches. This is the start of pair 4 for the year. 

Next pair might have to be some hand dyed yarn. We will see, might need to dye some yarn. 


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  1. Love these socks, I have 2 pairs your Mom made and I wear them almost everyday.