Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Piggy and Tulips

Slowly I get another block or two done on my Farm girl Vintage quilt. I really just wanted to do this block. I love the background fabric, Pigs! How could I not put some of this fabric in the quilt. I should use it a few more times as the background. I got it at Country Stitches out in Windfleild AB. A quilt shop worth taking a road trip for. 

Both these blocks finish up to 6" in size. Both are also from the second book 

Up next was Cheerful Tulips  I think I made the block while I was on a zoom meeting with the guild. I did not have a job and did not need to talk so I was muted and did some sewing. 
I also get texting with my friend Nadine sometimes also with Pam. But they have jobs at those meeting. I laugh as we are a little like the bad girls at the back of the room texting. 


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  1. I love your little piglet. He's so chubby and pink. Too cute! Shh, but I do hand sewing during zoom meeting. ;^)