Sunday, June 24, 2012

Are you sewing today

Fabric dyed then painted using a gel plate and some resists. 

It is Sunday and I might normally be trying to sew for myself today.  But I have had too many days off. I am machine quilting for customers today. I had a busy week and did not finish the machine quilting planned for this week. I hope to finish a quilt and get started on a second one. Then maybe I can play with more log cabins blocks.

So what are you sewing on today? I will plan to check out the blog world tonight. Some day I should try making a link up page. Not sure how to do that and should not take the time today to find out. Any one know where this information is?

Agility up date - We did not pass any of our runs. Once he pooped in the ring - eating grass and pooping more. One run was looking very good and then the timer did not work so we had to do it over - he did not do well the second run, no gas left. Next run he was slow and jumped off the dog walk sideways or we would have come close to a pass. Last run he had more get up and go (a good thing) but had a jump down. We had some very good parts but just could not put in all together for one run.

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