Sunday, June 17, 2012

UFO Day Fun

 Twice a year the Leduc Quilt Guild ( really called The Black Gold Quilt Patch) hosts a UFO day or Quilt Till You Wilt. We have been wilting earlier and earlier each time. I have head cold and packed up around 8 pm even though the hall was booked till 10 pm. I came home last night and went to bed early.

We also do a pot luck supper. I was near the end of the food line so I did not take photos. I was thinking I would show the good food too.

The first three photos are of a quilt by Joan A. She had it basted together and spent her time Machine Quilting it on her domestic machine. She just goes like crazy and gets it done. She likes to use the gloves with little rubber dots. She says she saw this pattern of a star in a quilt at the Red Deer Quilt Show last year and traced out the block. The block units are 3"finished so the block finished up to 9". I love the scrappy quilts that Joan makes. She makes good use of some very old fabric mixed with great fabrics, most people would not do the mixture she does.  She had some of us pick out our favourite blocks. I picked one with the bright pink and some lime green (third row in the centre of the top photo).

Maybe you can see some of the quilting. She free motion quilted some leaves and some square lines.

Here I am, not to far from my box of tissue. I am working on my RRCB by Bonnie Hunter. I got many blocks put together. I am still not ready to put the whole quilt together yet. More units to do. I am considering making it bigger. Crazy Ha. I would need 6 more main blocks and more string units. I would like a big bed quilt. We are considering on buying a King size bed. And a new bed would need a new quilt. 

This wall quilt is by June A. She took a class in St John's Newfoundland in 2010 at Quilt Canada with Pippa Moore. She did the designing in the class with Pippa  and now has it based together and was just started to do the machine stain stitch. Can you see it is Bleeding Hearts?

Happy Father's Day.


  1. What fun! I'm going to tell our guild about UFO day or at least my small quilt group. We are all about new ways to get together, eat and work on projects we need to. I love seeing what everybody is working on too. Great picture of you. You don't even look sick. I usually look like Rudolph but you looked so perky no one would have known you were sick without you telling us. Good luck with the RRCB quilt too.

  2. Sit & sew days are so much fun, love 'em...seriously, you are going to make RRCB Bigger! OMG it will be Huge!!! I love RRCB it is on my list for "one day"....will be back to see your version...the only Bonnie mystery I've managed to get the top finished so far is Orange is still just a top...can't rush these things!
    I hope your cold gets better soon...I sat at sit & sew yesterday with a box of tissues at hand as well...