Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Old Machine

Scarlet a hand crank with wooden case
This is part two of the Wetaskiwin Quilt Show I saw on Friday last week. One of the members, Marlene Olson, had two old singer machines on display. With the help of her Husband they had redone these old machines. One of the machines was in very bad shape and she was saving it from the dump. Her husband has been in the auto body industry and has also redone old Coke memorabilia.

Part of what was so nice was the book and photos of what they had done. Both machines were not in good shape when they got them, so why not fix them. It was good to see how bad they were.

Cinderella with a motor and table
They had to reproduce all the decals. This white one had blue decals. I really liked it. I have dug out one of my old machines to sew on this week. I have a little slip in the belt sometimes and may have to look into what I need to do to fix that. May need a new belt.

Thank you Marlene for letting me show and share these little beauties. I want my uncle Dave to see these.


  1. Oh these little machines are wonderful! Someday I want to have one, just to look at and admire-- need to buy lottery tickets - LOL!

  2. Oh, I'm in love with the old machines redone in color. I love to sew with them--and having them in a new color would be perfect! A white would be great for the contrast when sewing, and the red is so vibrant. How did they reproduce the decals? I know you used to be able to order them.

    And please tell me about the wonderfil thread. I use several different brands--right now for the price I like Permacore.