Friday, June 1, 2012

Wetaskiwin Quilt Show

I just got back from the Wetaskiwin Quilters Group Annual Quilt Show in Wetaskiwin Alberta. This quilt is a group quilt that they have made for a raffle quilt. They do some fund raising so they can make more charity quilts. I know this quilt is a pattern but I have forgotten to get the pattern information on it. It is a very nice quilt to use for a raffle and it has matching pillow shams too.

Here I did take a photo of the pillow shams. I think the show is on Saturday also from 10 till 5. If you live near it, you should go and see it. It is about 35 minute drive from my house. We play soccer in Wetakiwin a few times a year and I take some Agility classes just outside of Wetskiwin.

This quilt was made by the Wetaskiwin Quilters Group also and is one of the quilts they are giving to Habitat for Humanity in Wetaskiwin. The Pattern is called Strippity Quick by Susan Strong, one of their members. I am amazed at how nice this charity quilt is.

Now I made sure to ask about taking photos and then I asked Susan Strong if I could make a blog post with her quilts. I loved almost everything she made. Mostly because they are the bright colours I would use. This little quilt was made by Susan Strong and is a pattern by Malka Dubrawsky. It is her book Fresh Quilting. Her blog is Stitch In Dye.

I did take more photos but did not ask all the quilters if I could make a blog post on their quilts too. So you will have to see Susan Strong's quilts for now.

This is a small wall quilt by Susan Strong and she got the pattern in Quilting Arts Magazine.  It is ruff edge appliqu├ęd and stitched down by machine. So bright and cheery.  

One the other side of the quilt rack was this little gem. Too bad these two quilts were not hung up by Susan but she had many that were hung up and these were small enough to fold and put here. Susan called this one Mitered Corners and has drafted a pattern she called Easy Peasy Blocks from 10".

The Mosaic Table Topper by Susan Strong again. This was a pattern she got online from a tutorial by Elizabeth Hartman. I have given you the link to all her tutorials and they look very fun. I will have to go check them out more closely. I think my Mom liked this idea as she got her note book out to write down the information.

This was Susan Strong guild challenge quilt. The guild challenge was to make a quilted clock. It was to have a working clock in it. I love the idea.

Modern Dresden Plate by Susan Strong again. She has found a tutorial on line with Geta Grama. Susan said this was a class sample for a class she was teaching at Quilting From the Heart. I love quilts with lots of white and bright colours. I may have to make one myself. Good thing I kept good notes from the quilt show. 

I had to do some shopping at the quilt show. They had a small market mall so I shop. The top 8 fabrics are from Malka Dubrawsky line of fabric. I was hoping a local shop would bring in this fabric, Quilting From the Heart has 40 fabrics from Malka. They have a big sale this weekend at the store in Camrose too. It is "Jaywalkers" in Camrose, AB this weekend so many of the local stores have great sells, including the dress shop many ladies love.

The two on the bottom are from a new shop in Ponoka called Prairie Points Quilt Shop. I have a gift certificate from them I need to go spend. I think we are planning to stop and shop there next Friday on our way to the Red Deer quilt show. The Red Deer Quilt show or Central Alberta Quilt Guild is having a quilt show next Friday and Saturday. Me and Mom and two bee group friends are planning the road trip to some quilt shops and the quilt show.

Here are the Malka fabrics on the bottom and my own wax batik fabrics on the the top of the photo. Can you see they will go together. I have about 10 more fabrics with wax that I need to dye yet. I hope to get to do some more dying and waxing done this summer. Maybe this weekend? not sure if there is time I have some gardening to finish first. I have flowers and tomato plants to go in yet.

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  1. Wow! Lots of really interesting and beautiful quilts. I really like the green black and white one. As I rarely work from patterns these are all great idea busters.