Sunday, June 10, 2012

Purple Scrap Blocks

The last few days have been crazy busy, so I did not get my purple scrap posted on Saturday for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2012 but here they are Sunday. I love this little 6" block. It is part of my Forester's Wife blocks.

I found these blocks on Randy's Blog last month. I am way behind and I am not doing them in any order.  I work on the blocks I want to do or what fits with the scraps I have.

I had I nice sized piece of the pinkish purple and used all one purple but now I do not like it. The blocks with more variation are better looking.

Here is the fourth one for the week. I love this funny strip fabric and this is getting to be some of the last of it.  The background fabric is a long sleeved shirt I got at the Good Will store. It is the lightest pink colour.

I did a big thread order this past week. I just love this thread. I have no troubles in any of my machines with it. The long arm loves it and at least three of my domestics machines love the thread too. It is Wonderfil cotton thread. Now to just machine quilt lots this month so I can pay for the thread order.

Yesterday was another Dog Agility Trial. Lex and I had some good runs but did not pass any of our runs. One class the course was very tough and no one passed it. |We had the best time and only 10 faults. Another run we had a rail and were 10 sec under the time, so we are speedy enough.


  1. So many different purple blocks, very nice.

  2. So many pretty purple projects! Of all of your blocks, I like the scrappiest one best. So much fun. The thread looks so petty, looks like you will have lots of choices for your next quilting jobs.

  3. Love all the purple blocks. The scrappy one at the top is my favorite. So much thread... you should be set for quilting for a little bit.