Monday, June 4, 2012

Design Wall Monday June 4th

One design wall has the lady bug mystery on it. I have decided to use this red dot fabric for the outer boarder. I had a red with large Black dots picked out and cut but my Mom said "Yuck". I then dug out many fabrics, Black with blue dots, red with smaller dots, Black with white dots but it was random dots and did not work. I had to get more of the red and white dot and it is being washed now. Them I can sew on the final boarder and add this quilt to the pile of tops I have.

Orca Bay Mystery is off to the side still. I have added this to Patchwork Times. You can see more design walls with work under way.

I have all the string units done for RRCB. This is a big milestone on this quilt. I have the 60 string units cut and ready to sew in to a block or triangle unit. If you want to know more about what RRCB is check out the label on my side bar.

This is just a start. I have sewn the first block together. But I do not have quit all the units done and have lots of sewing to get these blocks done. You know what I will be working on this week.

I got my flowers planned yesterday and my husband has the riding ring in good shape. I thought I would show it today. Now to ride the ponies some more. We have a few trail rides planned this year.

I also let the fish outside in the pond. I have trouble wintering my fish outside, my pond is not deep enough to keep it from freezing solid. So for the winter I bring them in to the basement in a horse water trough. I let them get use-to  the cooler outside water temperature. They sat in the tub for about four hours and them we let them lose. They swim around like crazy checking out the new place.

Here is the pond. I have a few more plants to go in the pond and plans to buy some floating plants. It will look better in a few days. So glad to have a green yard again.


  1. You are one busy gal - you have so many interesting things going on in your life!

  2. Wow, what a lot of great projects you have going. Love the polka dots - they are really happy looking.

  3. Your RRCB is going to be great, love your colors.

  4. Hay what fun fabrics in your mystery qulit! So glad you found just the right one. Fabulous strings for RRCB you are really getting close now!